Capsilon DocVelocity automates critical steps in the mortgage servicing process to increase efficiency and drive profit margins higher.  With Capsilon DocVelocity, servicers are able to:

  • Quickly audit purchased pools of loans to mitigate risk.
  • Automatically identify, name and index onboarded loans. A Missing Documents report flags missing documents, giving the servicer the information needed to rectify the problem quickly and onboard complete, fully compliant loans for servicing.
  • Automatically ingest borrower correspondence, including hardship letters and loan modification forms, as well as re-disclosures and other documents required as part of a Loan Workout program. DocVelocity ensures that these critical documents are automatically associated with the appropriate loan file with complete audit trails of receipt and actions taken.
  • Perform bulk transfers of a servicing portfolio in the event of a transfer of servicing rights, and automatically assemble packages based on the delivery template required by the investor.
  • Comply will regulatory requirements, including timing of borrower notifications, with complete audit trails.
Talk to an expert today to learn how servicers rely on Capsilon DocVelocity to onboard loans efficiently and accurately while meeting compliance requirements.