Capsilon DocVelocity helps retail originators stay competitive and improve their bottom lines. With Capsilon DocVelocity, retail lenders are able to:

  • Optimize the loan intake process by automatically recognizing, naming, and indexing more than 250 standard loan documents with patented Automated Document Recognition (ADR) technology.
  • Speed the initial disclosure process with electronic transaction capabilities that support the electronic delivery, signing and vaulting of borrower disclosures and other mortgage-related documents.
  • Accelerate loan turn times with a technology-enabled workflow that automates key tasks throughout the loan life cycle, reducing labor by up to 80%.
  • Collaborate and share documents and communications across departments and organizations in real-time, speeding time to resolution while maintaining complete audit trails.
  • Ensure quality and compliance through automated validation of loan data using Automated Data Extraction technology.
  • Automate loan delivery to service providers, servicing partners and investors. Automatic stacking orders reduce errors/rejects and provide notification of missing documents.
  • Maintain instant access to loan files for as long as necessary with DocVelocity’s document retention and access capabilities.
Talk to an expert today to learn how retail lenders rely on Capsilon DocVelocity to automate key steps throughout the loan lifecycle, speed loan turn times, improve quality, and reduce loan production costs.