With Capsilon DocVelocity, quality assurance and compliance functions are able to:

  • Automate compliance checks throughout the loan life cycle. Using DocVelocity’s Automated Data Extraction technology, auditors and compliance officers are able to automatically extract the critical data needed from any number of loan documents, compare values, run the data through a rules engine, and flag any values that fall outside of established parameters.
  • Perform Second Look Audits quickly and efficiently, automatically flagging any exceptions that require further review.
  • Execute pre-funding audits to stop loans that violate guidelines from closing. This prevents poor loans for closing, audit write ups, and potential penalties.
  • Access complete audit trails of all changes made and actions taken, when and by whom.
Talk to an expert today to learn how quality control auditors and compliance officers rely on Capsilon DocVelocity to automate compliance checks throughout the loan lifecycle.