With Capsilon DocVelocity, correspondent lenders can:

  • Reduce labor costs by up to 80% with an optimized loan workflow.
  • Leverage Automated Document Recognition (ADR) technology to speed the onboarding of loans. ADR automatically recognizes, names, and indexes more than 250 common mortgage documents, reducing up to 90% of the time it takes to onboard loans.
  • Speed loan production times with automation at key points within the loan life cycle, including E-Signatures and E-Delivery capabilities.
  • Define loan packaging rules and package loans for investor delivery with the click of a button. A missing documents report and visual quality control tools ensure completeness and quality before a loan is delivered.
  • Deliver pools of loans to investors with one click using DocVelocity’s Batch Delivery capability.
  • Securely share documents and loan files between multiple parties for improved, efficient collaboration and communication.
  • Ensure compliance with automated loan evaluation that moves quality control to the front of the process.
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