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  • Capsilon DocVelocity Annotations
    Image ofCapsilon DocVelocity Annotations

    Annotations features provide a quick and easy way to add text, notes, comments, and other powerful markups to documents and are used to call attention to, or clarify items on a document, significantly reducing the amount of back and forth communications required.

  • Capsilon DocVelocity Product Brochure
    Image ofCapsilon DocVelocity Product Brochure

    Speed loan turn times, reduce labor and ensure compliance with technology built for the mortgage industry.

  • Collaborative Closing Center
    Image ofCollaborative Closing Center

    Collaborate securely and electronically with settlement agents and borrowers to speed the mortgage loan closing process and reduce costs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Capsilon DocVelocity E-Signatures
    Image ofCapsilon DocVelocity E-Signatures

    The E-Signatures capabilities of DocVelocity are important components that reduce the labor associated with printing, assembling, packaging, and shipping documents that need to be signed by borrowers.

  • Capsilon DocVelocity Advanced Document Management Features
    Image ofCapsilon DocVelocity Advanced Document Management Features

    Improve document security and integrity, speed common document management tasks, and accelerate loan production using Capsilon DocVelocity Advanced Document Management Features.

  • Capsilon Professional Services
    Image ofCapsilon Professional Services

    Capsilon Professional Services is responsible for implementing Capsilon DocVelocity to meet each customer’s unique business
    goals, and for ensuring that every customer realizes the full potential of DocVelocity for optimal business impact.

  • Capsilon DocVelocity® for Underwriters
    Image ofCapsilon DocVelocity® for Underwriters

    This solution brief examines the key challenges that underwriters face—including the extra time and effort needed to validate loan file completeness—and explains how Capsilon DocVelocity addresses these challenges to make life easier for underwriters.

  • The New Paradigm for Mortgage Loan Closing
    Image ofThe New Paradigm for Mortgage Loan Closing

    Since the TRID rules went into effect, the industry has been struggling to close compliant loans without extending time-to-close and increasing costs. This white paper examines how the closing process has changed under TRID, and outlines steps to achieve timely, cost-effective, compliant closings.

  • Moving Beyond TRID: How to Automate TRID Compliance - and Your Entire Mortgage Workflow
    Image ofMoving Beyond TRID: How to Automate TRID Compliance - and Your Entire Mortgage Workflow

    With TRID just around the corner, most lenders already have a solution in place, and many of these solutions include additional labor. Is this approach sustainable? Now is the time to evaluate your entire loan process and select technology that can help optimize your entire workflow. This white paper can help.

  • Capsilon DocVelocity: Enterprise Technology for the Mortgage Industry
    Image ofCapsilon DocVelocity: Enterprise Technology for the Mortgage Industry

    Capsilon DocVelocity was built from the ground up as a cloud-based solution focused on solving mortgage lenders’ biggest operational challenges. This white paper details how the enterprise technology behind DocVelocity delivers the performance, scalability, reliability, and security that the industry’s largest financial institutions demand.

  • Optimizing the Loan Production Equation: Practical Strategies for Producing Higher Quality Loans Faster
    Image ofOptimizing the Loan Production Equation: Practical Strategies for Producing Higher Quality Loans Faster

    A heightened focus on loan quality and compliance has led to increased loan production costs and longer loan turn times.
    This white paper explains how the combination of best practices with the right document and data management platform enables mortgage lenders to overcome these challenges.

  • Retail Lenders: Close Higher-Quality Loans in Less Time
    Image ofRetail Lenders: Close Higher-Quality Loans in Less Time

    Learn about the three key challenges preventing retail mortgage lenders from reaching their goals and how technology can help boost efficiency, reduce loan production costs, and ensure compliance, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Stonegate Mortgage
    Image ofStonegate Mortgage

    Stonegate Mortgage chooses Capsilon DocVelocity for its speed, ease-of-use and reliability in supporting Stonegate’s technology and growth strategies. With DocVelocity, Stonegate doubles its loan volume while minimizing the need for additional staff.

  • Regency Mortgage
    Image ofRegency Mortgage

    By decentralizing mortgage operations with DocVelocity, Regency Mortgage experiences a 50 percent increase in per-capita throughput, reduces expenses by nearly $10,000 per month, and gains market share.

  • Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc.
    Image ofMerrimack Mortgage Company, Inc.

    Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc. chooses Capsilon DocVelocity for moving beyond paperless to increased productivity that enhances profitability. A faster time to close improves customer satisfaction and leads to more business opportunities.

  • Main Street Bank
    Image ofMain Street Bank

    Main Street Bank replaces the imaging component of its LOS with Capsilon DocVelocity on the recommendation of one of its investors, a top-10 U.S. lender. With DocVelocity, Main Street Bank reduces its average underwriting turn time by 75 percent.