Capsilon DocVelocity: Technology built for the mortgage industry

A core tenet of Capsilon’s philosophy is our commitment to the IT and security needs of our clients.  Capsilon understands that our clients are entrusting their vital assets – confidential data, customer information, and mission-critical loan processing operations – to Capsilon’s service.  To meet the needs of our customers, we are committed to delivering an enterprise-class solution that delivers the performance, reliability and security your business requires.

Modern SaaS architecture

As a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Capsilon DocVelocity delivers significant advantages over traditional client-server software.  With DocVelocity, you don’t need to invest in additional infrastructure or worry about scaling software to meet your growing needs.  And, new features are delivered instantly, so you don’t have to worry about installations or version control.  We manage the technology for you, so you can focus on your business.

  • Rapid deployment
  • No software/hardware to maintain
  • No massive capital investment
  • Instant access to new features
  • Pay-as-you-go cash flow benefits
  • Managed by Capsilon’s world class Operations and Support teams, freeing customers from system and capacity management complexities
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Massively scalable

Capsilon DocVelocity’s cloud-computing platform has proven to scale not only in terms of number of users, but also in terms of documents processed.  DocVelocity stores processed document images on multiple massively scalable storage area networks (SANs) that are mirrored and segmented to optimize performance, manageability and fault tolerance.  And, application servers are segregated for improved scalability.

  • Scale extends across all dimensions including servers, storage, networks, power, security and manageability, to handle the growth and availability of data, devices, and services
  • Multi-tier, load balanced architecture enables rapid, massive scaling to meet any required workload
  • Processing capacity can be added dynamically to any system tier

Highly available

Capsilon DocVelocity is designed for fault tolerance and resiliency, and is monitored 24/7 for quality, productivity and system availability.  DocVelocity is hosted in multiple geographically diverse data centers with mirrored capacity and full data replication between the centers to ensure unparalleled availability.

  • Each data center is located in a Tier-3 co-location facility with leading access restrictions and environmental protection
  • The replication across data centers is continuous and a secured point-to-point replication using 256-bit #DES
  • Each center has redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity and uses best-of-breed hardware
  • Multiple geographically diverse mirrored data centers
  • N+1 Redundancy at all tiers
  • Best in breed dedicated fully redundant infrastructure
  • Multiple ISPs
  • 24×7 Operations Monitoring Center

Secure & compliant

Capsilon employs extensive security in our data centers, production environments, applications, and information, and builds security into all aspects of the system application design and operations. Monitoring and auditing practices ensure these security practices are effective in protecting your data 24/7. And, we work with our customers to ensure the Capsilon DocVelocity service meets their ever-increasing 3rd-party compliance requirements.

  • Dedicated, purpose-built infrastructure designed exclusively to securely deliver the DocVelocity service
  • Highly-secure data centers with dedicated, locked cages for all hardware
  • Industry leading intrusion detection systems
  • Quarterly third-party penetration testing
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • A custom-built dashboard facilitates deep transaction-level monitoring and visibility
  • Annual SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 report (formerly known as SAS 70) issued by a Big Four audit firm

Highly extensible

Capsilon offers a rich set of APIs that enables custom integration with nearly any new or legacy customer or third-party system. Orchestration applications built by third parties can secure programmatic access to DocVelocity features and services using the DocVelocity Orchestration API, which is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS).  Developing software applications using the DocVelocity API set is easy, straightforward and highly productive.

The DocVelocity API set includes:

  • A collection of over 60 web services and servlet API functions that provide a programmatic interface to DocVelocity
  • A collection of reusable browser clients
  • A collection of reusable desktop clients
  • A toolkit to learn and test web services and launch clients as well as generate code

Access to the DocVelocity API set is available as part of the Capsilon Developer Program.

A modern SaaS solution designed for modern mortgage companies.

Capsilon DocVelocity was built from the ground up as a SaaS solution focused on solving mortgage lenders’ biggest operational challenges. 

This white paper, “Capsilon DocVelocity: Enterprise Technology for the Mortgage Industry, details how the enterprise technology behind DocVelocity delivers the performance, scalability, reliability, and security that the industry’s largest financial institutions demand.

Read the White Paper