Capsilon transforms the speed and economics of the mortgage production process

The cloud-based Capsilon Mortgage Velocity platform leverages
intelligent process automation to transform your existing mortgage
production process into a modern digital mortgage factory.

Capsilon supercharges your existing mortgage technology
infrastructure with a powerful straight-through processing engine
to significantly speed the delivery of quality loans by eliminating
manual choke-points and human error. Patented document
recognition and data extraction technology turn mortgage
documents and related data into intelligent, searchable digital

assets necessary to convert the slow, inefficient production
process into a high velocity digital mortgage factory.

Only Capsilon gives mortgage originators, correspondent
lenders, and servicers a disruptive advantage by making it
possible to deliver quality mortgages at the highest velocity
with a new cost structure.

Capsilon is the driving force powering the movement to the
digital mortgage future.

The Shift to a High Velocity Digital Mortgage Production Factory

  • E-folders of disconnected static images
  • Highly manual: “stare and compare”
  • Manual data input, loan status tracking and review of conditions
  • Repetitive inspections of documents and data
  • Sample-based audits and quality checks
  • Manual, error-prone delivery to investors
  • Intelligent folders linking documents and data
  • Automated integrity checks
  • Automated data input/ingestion, tracking and condition fulfillment
  • Exception-based handling for originators and servicers
  • 100% auditability: live data aligns to servicing set-up data
  • Error-free, electronic delivery to investors

Realize Breakthrough Economics

Order of Magnitude Improvements

Why Forward-Thinking Mortgage Companies Choose Capsilon

Powering the Digital Mortgage Factory

Transform to a Digital Mortgage Factory

Benefits Across the Industry

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