Capsilon Customers

Innovative mortgage lenders, investors and servicers rely on Capsilon DocVelocity to increase productivity, decrease loan costs and ensure compliance. More than 150 lenders, including 2 of the 10 largest lenders in the United States, optimize their mortgage operations with Capsilon DocVelocity.

“DocVelocity is the most intuitive software I’ve ever worked with in my life.”

Darlene Sweet | Regency Mortgage

Case Studies

Stonegate Mortgage

Stonegate Mortgage chooses Capsilon DocVelocity for its speed, ease-of-use and reliability in supporting Stonegate’s technology and growth strategies. With DocVelocity, Stonegate doubles its loan volume while minimizing the need for additional staff.

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Regency Mortgage

By decentralizing mortgage operations with DocVelocity, Regency Mortgage experiences a 50 percent increase in per-capita throughput, reduces expenses by nearly $10,000 per month, and gains market share.

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Merrimack Mortgage, Inc.

Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc. chooses Capsilon DocVelocity for moving beyond paperless to increased productivity that enhances profitability. A faster time to close improves customer satisfaction and leads to more business opportunities.

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Main Street Bank

Main Street Bank replaces the imaging component of its LOS with Capsilon DocVelocity on the recommendation of one of its investors, a top-10 U.S. lender. With DocVelocity, Main Street Bank reduces its average underwriting turn time by 75 percent.

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“Our DocVelocity users would hate to work in a world with paper files again.”

Nicole Zaguroli | Main Street Bank